Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

Garage door as a hot new fashion statement? Absolutely! Because so many homes are now built with the garage door as THE most prominent feature, style-conscious Americans are replacing old, drab doors with fashionable new garage doors
to increase their home’s curb appeal.


Let’s face it – you don’t get a distinct personality when you buy into a development. Your garage door looks pretty much
like every other garage door on your street.


A trendy new garage door is not only a fashion statement, it says something about your personality. You’re unique. You’ve
got style and flair. Unless you’re selling your house, you’ve got to look at that huge garage door day in and day out as you
come and go. Why not liven it up with a stylish new look?


Hot New Garage Doors Add Dollars to Home Value


Garage door makers heard the demand for more decorative doors, and boy, have they answered! You can now choose
from more than a thousand different looks in elegant and stylish carriage-house doors.


“People are definitely becoming more style-conscious when replacing their garage door,” said Chris Long, editor of International Door & Operator Industry, a garage door industry magazine.


And replacing your garage door with a new upscale model just may boost the resale value of your home. a recent online
survey revealed that a whopping 71% of homeowners who recently replaced their garage door believe it definitely
increased the value of their home.


It makes sense. For most homes, garage doors take up 30 percent of the front view of the home. With one easy purchase,
you can add dazzle to a major portion of the curb appeal of your home.


Partnering with the Industry Leaders in Garage Doors

When it’s time for a new garage door, the experts at Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates can help. We offer the complete line of residential and commercial garage doors from Clopay, America’s Favorite Doors. By using our online Imagination System, you can configure the perfect garage door with hundreds of colors, styles & options to choose from.


Our Signature Rustic Garage Doors

There’s no substitute for the distinctive look of our Signature Rustic garage doors with a protective acrylic finish. Made of specifically treated and sealed 24 gauge steel, our rustic overlays pair beautifully with quality garage doors from Clopay, Windsor and other top manufacturers to transform an ordinary garage door into a unique and practical work of art.



Contact us today for a FREE estimate on your new garage door!

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