While you may have home security measures in place, you may not have given as much consideration to your garage. Think about it: A burglar can gain access into your garage, go unnoticed, and once inside can easily gain entry into the rest of your home. One of the reasons why burglars love your garage is due to all the re-sellable items you may have inside, such as power tools, cars, lawnmowers, and other high valued items. Also, a garage is usually unoccupied most of the time, giving burglars the perfect opportunity to strike.

Check out these tips to keep your garage theft-free all year long:

1. Keep your garage door opener in the house, or other secure convenient location.

If you decide to park your vehicle outside of your garage, be sure to bring your opener with you. Don’t leave it in your car, even stowed out of sight. An ambitious burglar will not leave any opportunity unturned to get into your home.

2. Keep a radio on.

If you are often in and out of your garage and or, doing projects inside and feel the need to leave it open, keep a radio playing loudly to deter intruders. We advise closing it if you’ll be gone longer than an evening.

3. Shade your windows.

Shade or frost your garage windows to prevent thieves from seeing if your vehicle is inside. If you’re thinking of a home make-over, consider upgrading to a door with dark tinted windows, or a windowless garage door.

4. Keep it locked.

Put a deadbolt on the door between your house and garage

5. Get a garage door opener that allows you to monitor and operate it from your phone.

LiftMaster’s latest garage door openers lets you operate your door from anywhere at any time. Plus, it alerts you to of any garage door activity, too.

6. Secure your garage door emergency release.

All garage doors brands and models have an emergency release that disconnects the garage door from the opener. Without this feature, you wouldn’t be able to open your garage when the opener breaks. Put some zip ties on your emergency release to secure your garage door when you’re away. The emergency release will still maintain its intended purpose.

7. Don’t leave your garage door open.

Plain and simple – leaving your garage door open just invites someone to pop their heads in and grab something. No matter how safe you think your neighborhood is, good neighborhoods are the first place criminals like to drive through to case houses.

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