Kaiser Garage Doors and Gates Warranty

Kaiser Garage Doors and Gates (KGDG) hereby warrants all materials and labor provided for a period of 1-year from the date of substantial completion. This warranty covers all products and services supplied in accordance with the contract or purchase order documents, if payments for said materials, or services, are paid in full.

KGDG agrees to repair or replace any, or all work, which may prove to be defective in workmanship or materials.

This warranty does not include normal wear and tear or repair and replacement of materials which have been abused, neglected, or not maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance procedures and schedules*.

All warranties become void if service or repair work is done by someone other than KGDG.

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GENIE Warranty and Product Registration

If your door is damaged due to an act of God, fire, vandalism, or an accident, the warranty may not cover repairs or replacement, and as such, becomes void. In addition, the manufacturer’s warranty will be voided if you alter the garage door after installation. In these cases, you will want to check with your homeowner’s insurance policy.

How to File a Claim:

  1. Contact Kaiser Garage Door directly.
  2. Take pictures of the damage/issue from multiple points, including any hardware involved. These pictures will help offer a visual guide for KGDG to see what is happening with the door and serve as a record.
  3. Do not attempt to fix the door yourself. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to have regular maintenance done on the doors per recommended manufacturer’s guidelines. Attempting to fix your garage door issue may be considered an alteration and void your warranty.

Rustic Steel Sheets Warranty:

KGDG warrants the Rustic steel sheets against the powder coated finish from cracking or peeling. The warranty period is two (2) years from the date of installation.

Recommended Maintenance:

The proper method to clean the rustic sheets is to use a soft sponge, mild Dawn dish soap diluted in a bucket with tap water, and lightly wipe down the door to clean the dirt and particles from the surface. Let the door air dry.

Exclusions to Rustic Steel Sheets Warranty Coverage:

  • Any foreign substance applied after installation will void your warranty.
  • Failure to properly maintain your rustic sheets will void your warranty.
  • Various exclusions like fire, UV exposure, foreign substances, damage of any kind, etc.

Spring Warranty:

Spring Warranties vary depending on manufacturer and are valid when installed by an authorized dealer. Refer to the manufacturer published warranties for full details.

Garage Door Hardware Warranty:

Standard garage door hardware for new installation or replacement installation is warrantied for 1-year from the date of work completed.

Transfer of Warranty:

Homeowner warranties are non-transferable. When purchasing a home from a builder, please contact your builder during the warranty period to arrange any warranty work.