Garage Door Replacement & repair - Kaiser Garage Door

Sometimes you just need garage door panel replacement versus a brand new garage door. A section of your garage door can be damaged because it was hit with a vehicle or warped over time because of heat or other weather elements.

Whether it’s one panel or a section of panels, it’s less costly to have Kaiser Garage Door & Gates’ trained technicians replace your garage door panel(s) than it is to replace the whole door. One caveat, if many panels are damaged, it may be more cost-efficient in the long-term to replace the whole garage door. Lastly, a lone, damaged panel shouldn’t be taken lightly. A single broken panel can cause the other panels to strain and become misaligned.

Don’t procrastinate on getting your garage door panel replaced, as it can cost you more in the future.

Our garage door experts can assess the damage, help you select the best panels for your door, and replace them so your garage door is up and running again.