You can never be too careful. If you’re a homeowner, the thought of a break-in has probably crossed your mind at some point. Maybe you’ve already taken steps to secure your home by installing a security system and strong locks on your doors and windows. Did you also think about the effect your garage door can have on your home security?

Despite the fact that garages are a huge point of access, most homeowners don’t put a lot of thought into their garage doors. This is a mistake: getting the right kind of garage door can be the difference between a safely secured home and a house that’s easy pickings for burglars. At Kaiser Garage Doors and Gates, we understand the value a durable garage door can add to your home security. Here are a few things to keep in mind about how your garage door can make your house safer.

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Iron And Steel

One way to make your house more secure is to trade up your garage door for a door made out of iron and steel. These denser metal doors have a lot going for them. Their benefits include:

  • Durability. They can stand up to and withstand all sorts of weather conditions, and with the proper care can last for a long time.
  • Heft. Being made out of heavy metals, they are much harder to lift or breach manually than a standard garage door. It’ll take more than a crowbar and strong back muscles for a burglar to get past a steel garage door.
  • Aesthetics. Iron and steel garage doors have a distinctive look and can come in a variety of styles. They aren’t as widely used as other kinds of garage doors, so you could end up being the only person on your block with an iron door. Not only would you make your house more secure, you’d also be making it more stylish!

Door Openers

Automatic garage doors can definitely make your life easier, but they can also make a thief’s life easier if you’re not careful. Make sure you have a door opener that uses rolling-code technology; these are openers where their remotes transmit a new door code every time you use it. The constant updating of the code that activates your opener makes it very hard for outsiders to hack into it. Just remember not to leave your garage’s remote in your car if you park outside! All it takes is a single broken car window for a burglar to get inside your home.

You’ll also want to secure your garage door’s emergency release. The emergency release is a cord that hangs inside your garage and is meant to be used to manually open the door in case the opener breaks down. While it’s important to have, it can also be a liability: a dexterous thief can pull the lever down from outside by using a wire hanger. Securing it can be as simple as using a couple of zip ties.

Lock It Up

Another layer of security you can add to your durable door is to put a lock on it. While it can be more time-consuming having to constantly lock and unlock it, garage door locks are very secure and strong and worth the time and investment. Make sure there’s a lock on the door that connects your home with your garage, too, and use that lock regularly. If the lock is strong enough, even if someone gets into your garage they’ll have a hard time getting through that door.

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