Your garage is a large storage space, full of valuables. Whether it’s your car or your tools or other valuables stashed away, your garage is an attractive target for people looking to get into your home. You’ll want to keep your garage more secure so you can keep your home more secure.

At Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates, we know what it takes to keep your garage safe. Here are five things that you can do to keep your garage secure.

Lock all your doors

If you have an interior door that connects your garage to the rest of your home, you’ll want to keep that door locked whenever you’re not using it. It doesn’t matter how secure your garage door is if somebody is able to get past it and waltz with ease into your home thanks to an unlocked interior door. And if you keep your garage door opener in your car, either take it with you when you park it outside or keep the car doors locked.

If you have a doggy door on your garage door, you should also seal that when it’s not in use. While most doggy doors are too small for a human to pass through, a clever burglar will find a way to exploit that opening to their advantage.

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Don’t offer any sneak peeks

When you’re at home, keep your garage door closed. Don’t leave it open! When you leave your garage door open, you’re showing a weak spot to the world. They’re gonna see what you have in your garage, and if you have nice stuff stashed away there they’re gonna notice it. People who know that there’s something good stored away are much more likely to try and break into a space than people who have no clue what’s behind that heavy garage door.

Secure the emergency release

Your garage door should have an emergency release. It’s a cord that hangs inside your garage and is meant to be used to manually open the door in case the garage opener breaks down or becomes unresponsive. It may surprise you, but this is a major security weakness in your garage. Smart thieves can open your garage from the OUTSIDE by using a wire hanger to pull the cord down. To prevent this from happening, secure the emergency release cord with a few zip ties.

Light it up

An effective crime deterrent is to add lighting to the outside of your garage door. By installing a motion sensing light or spotlight, you’ll be able to illuminate the exterior of your garage and flush out people who might want to break in. You can also set up motion sensing lights INSIDE the garage for added security. This also has the added benefit of lighting up your dark garage, which could cut down on tripping hazards and accidents for you and your family.

Roll out the rolling code

If your garage door opener was made before 1999, it’ll be a lot easier for folks to break into it. Thieves can hack your opener by stealing the radio transmitter code that your remote uses to open the garage door. One way to prevent this is to switch to a new opener that uses rolling code technology. Rolling code openers switch to a new code every time you use your remote, generating one combination out of billions. As of yet, no one has figured out a way to hack into them, which makes them the safest type of garage door opener on the market.

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