Weather Seal For Your Garage Door in Tucson - Kaiser Garage Doors

The bottom weather seal on your garage door is a necessity that many don’t give much thought – until it’s worn out. While many garage door parts last a long time, weather stripping is more vulnerable to intense temperatures, not to mention general wear from using your garage door. Our technicians can replace yours quickly and efficiently.

Your bottom weather seal on your garage is a small part that has a big impact. It helps keep scorpions, mice and other pests out of your garage. While we offer them under warranty with a new garage door installation, the lifespan of replacement seals vary based on how often you use your garage door and temperature-related wear in the summer.

A bottom weather seal at first glance may not seem like a big deal. However, this part is essential to keeping bugs and rodents out of your garage, and regulating your home’s energy use. If yours looks cracked or damaged, it may need replacing. Learn more about our weather seal replacement here.

Keep your garage pest-free and your home energy efficient with a bottom weather seal replacement. Does yours look cracked or damaged? This can result from exposure to desert heat and garage door use over time. Their durability varies based on these conditions. Ours are offered with a warranty on new garage door installations.

The experts at Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates can locate, repair and replace your damaged weather seals quickly and easily. If you noticed wear, a temperature change, or critters in your garage, give us a call today.