Garage Door Cable Replacement & repair - Kaiser Garage Door

We have a variety of garage door cables that work with torsion-spring and extension-spring garage doors. All of our garage door cables are from high-quality, trusted manufacturers. We use the same cables in our repairs and garage door installations. Our trained technicians can easily assess your needs and replace your cables if needed.
While some homeowners may try to do their own garage door cable replacement, we do not recommend it. Why? You and your family’s safety should be priority. Garage doors are heavy. A broken cable can result in a slammed garage door – and injury! Call us to make sure your garage door is running smoothly and safely.

Garage door cables are made to endure much use and weight, but eventually they do wear out. Regularly inspect the cables to identify issues before it becomes a major problem (and expense). Look for kinks or frayed areas, as well as uneven cables. If you notice any of these, you may need cable replacement done. Give us a call.

Garage door cables are the workhorse of your garage and they can break without warning, and or signs of problems. If your garage opens up crookedly or struggles to go up at all, you might need cable replacement work. Our trained technicians will quickly determine what needs to be done and get your garage door working again.